B12 Vitamin Shots

Vitamin B12 has been discussed heavily in the media lately, and especially among the vegan community. This vitamin, contrary to popular belief, is not naturally found in meat and its cousins, and actually originates in a bacteria in the soil. Many people mistakenly take vitamin B12 injections for weight loss purposes, and that’s a shame, since these injections has some drawbacks as well as to their advantages, and I believe anyone should be aware of the facts before making any decision.

Herbivore animals get their share of vitamin B12 out of consuming plants that are “contaminated” with this vitamin, by that very same bacteria in the soil. Carnivore, on the other hand, get their daily dosage of B12 out of eating these very same herbivores, and so the life cycle goes on. Mother nature got it all figured out.

The truth is that vitamin B12 helps our body replicating DNA, form red blood cells, grow tissues, create a protective fatty substance around our nerve cells, which is called Myelin. One of the other benefits of vitamin B12 is that it helps our body lowering the homo cysteine levels, an amino acid of which higher levels of, have been linked with a greater risk of cancer, heart stroke, and in fact, many of today’s modern world diseases. The questions to be asked is, ‘Can we really get all of the benefits of vitamin B12 shots out of any other source?”

The question is a definite yes. You can get all of the B12 vitamin benefits out of any source, as long as it contains the active form of this vitamin, hydroxocobalamin or cyanocobalamin. But, if you have problems and difficulties absorbing vitamin B12, which is usually caused by lack if intrinsic factor in the stomach, you might not have a choice, since that’s the only possible way for you to get this vitamin directly into your blood stream, and skip the phase where your stomach has to decompose this vitamin, again, by the intrinsic factor.

Checking for a vitamin B12 deficiency is very easy. Simple go to your doctor or medical center and ask for a simple and rather easy vitamin b12 deficiency blood test. Within minutes, you will be checked, and within hours, you will get the result. If you are found to be positive, you will probably be given a series of vitamin B12 shots, until your B12 levels in the blood gets back to normal.

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