Bad Acne Habits to Avoid

In the world of acne treatment, most people focus on what to do for their face. But since acne can be such a complicated problem it’s necessary to take a more comprehensive approach and think of what NOT to do as well. There are many bad habits associated with dealing with acne and any of them can make the situation far worse. Of course people run into problems when they are looking for the fastest solution possible, but sometimes there are no easy answers for a problem that has underlying factors. It’s important to remember that biology is a big role in acne formation, and finding the right cream for your face is only one step. It’s important to take an overall approach and treat your skin with absolute care while avoiding some of these bad acne habits.

Tanning – in an effort to deal with how to get rid of acne, some people choose to tan in the sun excessively. While this might seem like a reasonable thing to do since it hides your acne, you have to take into account damage that is done to your face by UV radiation. This is only a stopgap method for hiding blemishes and noticeable acne, and you have to realize that the problem is still underneath. Additionally, you can be doing some pretty heavy damage to your skin that can lead to more complicated problems in the future.

Too Much Cream – in an attempt to get faster results a lot of people apply as much acne cream as they can. You have to keep in mind that most acne creams contain harsh ingredients and chemical components that are not exactly conducive to skin care. In dealing with acne they have to alter conditions on your face in a harsh way and apply more of them isn’t necessarily doing you any favors. You won’t get faster results and it increases the likelihood that you will dry your skin or trigger side effects.

Popping – In an effort to deal with how to get rid of blackheads and acne there are many folks who have popped a pimple or two. But you really have to think carefully if you want to pop or poke your pimples because it can definitely make the situation worse. You end up spreading bacteria and that leads to more acne formation in the future. You also put yourself at risk for developing scars tissue which can be more unsightly and longer lasting than the initial problem.

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