Dealing Eye Puffiness

Puffy eyes can make a person appear way older than he actually is, unhealthy or plainly sick and tired. This is a very bad look and gives people you meet a very wrong impression on your personality or where you have been. Most of us suffer from the puffiness problem for different reasons ranging from genetic factors, stress, lack of sleep, allergies, face fat and others. this may sound like a minor problem that you need not worry about but have you ever wondered what actually happens on the eyelids when they are puffy? Repeated puffiness can lead to other serious problems such as dark eyes and bags under the eyes, sight problems and sagging skin. This is why it is important that you know ways on how to reduce puffy eyes and get rid of this disorder once and for all.
It is essential that you find out the root cause of this problem to make it easier not only to treat it but also to prevent future occurrences. There are a few things you can then do to prevent and treat the puffiness, top on the list being keeping the eye raised and if you think the puffiness is because of lack of sleep, then get sufficient rest with your head elevated and facing up. The fluid retention may not be dangerous if it happens once in a while, the key here is to prevent severity and other occurrences. Next step is to live healthy, eat healthy foods and exercise often to reduce the fats in the body and to alleviate stress.
For instant relief from drooping eyelid problems, apply a pack of ice or a cold spoon on the eyelids for about half an hour then gently rub the eyelids with a finger in a clockwise motion. This will improve blood circulation on the eyelids and promote the removal of the fluids retained on the eyelids.

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