Get Rid of Pimples Fast and Easily

Having pimples on your face is embarrassing and not fun. You may get made fun of, called names, and ridiculed in various other ways because of your pimples. There are some ways to get rid of pimples fast and easily, though.

The first thing you should be aware of is that popping a pimple that is not ready can lead to scarring or infection. Pimples should not be squeezed until they are ready, or the situation can get worse. When you can see that the puss is about to break through the skin, then it is okay to pop it.

After you have decided that it is time to get rid of your pimple, wash your face and hands thoroughly. This ensures that there will be no dirt, oil, or makeup on your skin when you open up the pimple. Next, get a small needle and a bottle of alcohol. You can then use the alcohol to sterilize your needle.

While you are standing in front of the mirror, take the need and gently poke the white head until it breaks open. Use your finger to squeeze out all of the puss until you see clear liquid or blood. This means that you have cleaned the pimple out completely. You should then apply a little bit of alcohol to your now non existent pimple. This will probably sting, but it will clean out the area so you do not get an infection.

This is one of the ways to become acne free, but there are also various products out there that can help as well, if you have the money to spend. Remember that you can also take steps to keep pimples from every occurring such as washing your entire face thoroughly every morning when you wake up and keeping it dry during the day.

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