Getting Rid of Pimples Fast

Getting rid of pimples fast isn’t always easy, as many of us can remember from our adolescent years. However, there are plenty of over the counter lotions available, as well as a large number of natural remedies, most of which will help to get rid of your pimples quickly and easily.

A quick and effective solution is to dab at the pimple with a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel. This will extract any dirt, and rinsing with cold water will then close the pores again. An exfoliating scrub such as Aloe Vera mixed with crushed sea salt also works when rubbed lightly on the pimple for a minute.

Many natural ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen are said to be good at getting rid of pimples fast. Paste made from garlic mixed with yoghurt and honey can be applied gently to the affected area, as can a mixture of honey and apple juice; and a paste made from turmeric powder, mint leaves and lemon juice is also an option.

Eating just a small amount of garlic each day can help to remove pimples and keep them from returning. Raw garlic can also be rubbed on the affected area, as can wet orange peel; and a mixture of fenugreek leaves and cucumber soaked in water. And two items most of us have in our home – toothpaste and baking soda – are both said to be an effective treatment when rubbed on the pimple.

If you don’t fancy rubbing anything on your face, try holding your face over a bowl or sink of hot water, followed by a wash with a non-soap cleaner and a good rinsing with cold water. Holding your face under very hot and then cold water in the shower has the same effect and will help you become acne free.

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