Home Acne Remedy Essentials

The human body is a very complex organism filled with different systems that run together to make the entire body work. Part of the body’s system is the immune system. This is one of the essential systems of the human body that fights off foreign invasion. It mainly consists of cells and several organs that filters the blood and attacks various unwanted organisms.

A certain bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes is normally found on our skin. These types of organisms are called normal flora when they are in their normal levels or population. When these bacteria find its way into the body, it will cause an outbreak that will damage tissues that it comes in contact with. These bacteria are the root cause to why pimples form. It causes an infection in the hair follicles in our skin.

But there are several other factors to consider in the formation of acne. One reason why bacteria are trapped into the follicles is because of sebum. Sebum is an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands found in our skin. Just like any other oily substance, anything that comes in contact with it adheres to it. Floating colloids like bacteria, dust and even dead skin cells get stuck to the sebum. And when all these dirt gets lodged into the follicles. It will block the bacteria and preventing it from being secreted.

The essentials to a home acne remedy are quite simple and that is to treat the root cause or better yet prevent it from even starting. One way to prevent excessive sebum in the face is frequent washing. You may notice a shimmer on the face several times a day. Washing the face with warm salty water as often as needed best helps manage an oily face. Another way to prevent excessive oil is having a healthy diet. Avoid eating foods high in fat and eat foods that have good fiber and nutrition. Eating vitamin rich meals will help our immune system fight off infection. If you have lesions, a healthy meal will help increase the regeneration rate of our body.

The human body is complex and has its various needs. But fulfilling these needs is as simple as living a healthy life. Everyday routines will help our body to become strong and healthy. Start eating healthy and keep yourself clean always to have an acne free face.

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