How to get the most out of the coconut

The coconut is a beautiful woody plant that grows in hot and tropical regions, often near beaches. It is a hardy plant that thrives without any help from man. 99% of the coconuts in the world are grown organically. Not only that, but the coconut palm takes only 7 years to reach maturity. It is thus a renewable resource. The best news is that it is a renewable resource with a multitude of uses. The coconut is not a tree and yet its timber is hard enough for making homes and coconut flooring. The leaves can be used for roof thatching and can also be woven to make baskets. The fruit of the coconut is not a nut but a drupe. It is an amazing item with many health benefits.

First coconut meat is a source of nutrition. It can be pressed to remove coconut oil and coconut milk. Coconut oil can be used for all types of cooking. It is rich in medium chain fatty acids that are readily metabolized by the body and turned into energy. This is why people in the South Pacific and South East Asia remain slim despite having a diet high in saturated fat. The oil from the coconut is also an excellent moisturizer that soaks deep into the skin and replenishes vital oils. It also contains free radicals that stop the signs of aging such as wrinkles and spots. Coconut milk is widely used around the world. It has a rich taste that is delicious in soups and curries. It is a healthy alternative to cow’s milk that is rich in minerals and vitamins. It can be added to smoothies and shakes to bring a coconut taste to a beverage. Coconut oil and milk contain lauric acid that provides antibacterial protection to the body.

The juice from the coconut is called coconut water. It is naturally sterile and rich in electrolytes such as magnesium and calcium. It is also 99% fat free and low in sugar. It is the best re-hydration drink available. Finally coconut meat can be ground up and dried to make flour. The flour is gluten free and rich in protein. It can be used to make short breads and cakes and also to thicken soups and sauces. Coconut flour is an ideal food item for those suffering from gluten intolerance. Even from this brief review of the coconut it is very apparent that its towering beauty and shade when you are lying on a beach is probably the least amazing thing about the plant.