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Take advantage of this ONE TIME OFFER it wont be available again. If you want to start a Home-Based business and Join our team with a minimum of a Fast Start you will receive a free one hour training call via Skype from one of our business training consultants, on the call you will get a step by step plan to kick start your New Venture

What is the advantage of a home-based business?

The advantage of a home-based business is that you can work in your own time which means you can spend time with the family or continue working another full or part time job.

A home-based business is designed to work with your lifestyle.

It’s also a low start up business too. You don’t have to worry about the time and cost of product research and development, trademark and patent protection, branding, building an e-commerce system or shipping. Miessence provides it all for you.

How do I get started?

Everything you need to get started is on this web site.

Once you have selected how you would like to start – by paying the membership fee and placing a FastStart or Super FastStart order – you will receive a welcome pack which includes a Start Up Kit.

Starting your Miessence business with a Fast or a Super Fast Start kit – complete with discounted products and business building kit – will spring board your business towards success.

In addition, you receive access to our Member’s only MiAccount area on our site which has all the information and toolds you need to establish your new business.


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