The Benefits Of Making Pure And Natural Bath Soap

With all of the newly revealed information about the harmful effects of chemicals, the use of pure and natural bath soap has gained popularity.  Ingredients that are used in traditional soaps have been found to deliver both short and long-term negative side effects.  The only way to ensure the health of your skin, body and the environment is to choose to use pure and natural bath soap.

Amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes are all found in pure and natural bath soap, all of which nourish and pamper your skin the way that it needs and deserves.  These natural ingredients moisturize cells deeply to fight the signs of aging that are caused by dryness and dehydration.

Making Your Own Pure And Natural Bath Soap

When you make your own pure and natural bath soap, you are able to have complete control over which ingredients are used.  This is especially ideal for individuals that have sensitive skin or are particular about what kind of scents that they like.

Keep in mind that when you do make your own pure and natural bath soap, different ingredients offer different qualities.  For example, tea tree oil or sulfur will add both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to help protect your skin against acne and eczema.  Also, when you combine essential oils with soap therapy, healing effects are created to aid against body pain, stress and insomnia.

Tools And Ingredients

To make your own pure and natural bath soap you will need a few ingredients such as lye, water, oils or base fats, essential oils and coloring.  Then, depending on your preferences, you may also want to have glycerin, vitamin E and exfoliates handy to add in too.

It is also helpful to have proper tools when you make your own pure and natural bath soap.  Supplies will be dependent on the method that you ultimately decide to use but some of the basics include a boiling pot, mixing bowl, wooden spoon, molding trays, containers and clean cloths.

Pure and natural bath soap can be made using a melt and pour method cold process or hot process.  There are many recipes that are available to use as a guide or you can have fun experimenting and making your own recipes for yourself and for gifts for others.  Many people enjoy making pure and natural soap so much and trying out new varieties that it has became a very substantial income, selling their products online, at craft shows and to local spas and beauty stores.

Using pure and natural bath soap is a luxurious treat for your skin.  It provides healthy living and nourishing effect that you cannot get from store bought, chemical-based products.

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