Upper Lip Hair Removal Enhances Facial Features

Facial hair is almost hidden for most women but at the same time there are some less fortunate women who are embarrassed by extra hair on the face, especially on the upper lip making their appearance to be manly. Why should the upper lip hair mess up an otherwise beautiful face? It is best to opt for upper lip hair removal at once to stay beautiful always.

There are a variety of hair removal methods that would help to remove hair on the face and the upper lip, but there could be irritation of the skin or reddening in portions where the hair was removed avoiding you from going out immediately after removal. For such cases, there are yet a few contemporary and effective upper lip hair removal methods that can be practiced to lessen the pain and the reddening of the skin.

One of the such methods is the use of depilatories, which act instantly and dissolve the hair on the upper lip and the face. While applying this care should be taken to avoid it from touching the nose and lips. Before applying depilatories to remove upper lip hair one should conduct a patch test to see if the chemical agrees with the skin. Carefully follow instructions on the package while applying and removing it from the skin for best and safe results.

Another is using laser technology to remove hair. Laser removes the hair by killing the source or root of the hair so the hair will stop growing. A full body laser hair removal cost will cost you thousands per treatment but the upper lip hair removal will only cost you $50-$100 per treatment, which is done for 5-8 treatments if you go to clinics. On the other hand, there are portable laser devices being sold in the market and these devices are the best use for upper lip hair removal. At home laser hair removal reviews are really great if being used in a small area of unwanted hairs like the upper lip.

Waxing is another method that can be adopted for upper lip hair removal. However, this may be slightly painful but the results are better than depilatories. One can use the latest soy wax instead of the traditional sugary or bees wax for the best results. When applying wax it should be applied in the direction that the hair grows and should not be left to dry fully. When removing the wax strip it should be removed with one pull holding one side of the skin firmly.

Stray hair can be removed with tweezers and not waxed again. In the event of tweezing instead of waxing, one should consider using a cold compression before tweezing to avoid discomfort. It is not recommended to do this when there is much hair on the upper lip. Upper hair removal is best done by waxing or depilatories for best results and less pain.

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