The Benefits of Argan Oil

If you’re one of those people that are constantly on the lookout for the next wonder food or beauty product then you may well have already heard of argan oil. It seems to have all the properties that those seeking the next best thing are always on the hunt for. It has great skin and hair enhancing qualities and it is also an oil that you can in fact cook with, offering an extremely low cholesterol alternative. As a beauty product it can be used to rid yourself of those fine wrinkles and is a fantastic moisturiser but it is probably better known for what it can do for damaged and frizzy hair.

This oil is only produced in one part of Morocco. This is due to the very small area that the argan trees grow in. The nuts that actually produce the oil are cracked and the kernels crushed with water, then kneaded to release the oil. The makeup of the oil is very beneficial to hair and skin as it consists of very high concentrations of vitamin E, squalene, phenols and fatty acids. Vitamin E is one of the best anti oxidant agents available and does a great job of fighting free radicals. It also one the best vitamins for hair growth which it does by encouraging the growth of capiliaries which in turn feed the folicles where new hair is formed, leading to stronger hair. Vitamin E has also been linked to the arrest of graying and can heal split ends.

To apply the oil to get these benefits just rub a little oil into the palm of your hand and then apply to the hair ends to heal any that have split. This will also give the hair an incredible lustre. Vitamin E also softens the hair and can help repair the damage done by heat application. Further it helps protect the hair from oxidisation. Fatty acids help retain mositure in the hair by forming a barrier to its escape. This barrier also protects the hair from heat and chemicals. Squalene is one of the main ingredients of sebum which is the bodies natural lubricant. It ensures the hair folicle on the scalp stays healthy and well lubricated. Phenols, especially ferulic acid can protect the hair from the damage that is caused by exposure to ultra violet light. So you can see that argan oil is great addition to your beauty bag.

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