Bioderma and the Different Products of the Company

If you have used Clinique products in the past and they have done your skin good, do you think you can have the same effect from Bioderma skin care products? Both have proven their expertise in their own line. Bioderma coming later than other skin care manufacturers have entered a tough market and have successfully provided a great product. The French love their beauty products and the world is beginning to patronize Bioderma.

Company Profile

Bioderma is a cosmetics company that specializes in skin care products. The company was established in 1985 and from that time when the product line was introduced, its popularity had grown dramatically. The company’s corporate headquarters are situated in Aix en Provence but then, in 2001 Bioderma opened its specialized biometrology lab in Lyon, France. The research and development of this company continues to be undertaken thereat. Today, the company products are widely recommended and used by dermatologists. A big number of women, particularly the French, are now using Bioderma. Their products are now being marketed in many countries worldwide.

Majority of the products of Bioderma are prescription cosmetics and these are prescribed for those with sensitive skin requiring medical attention. They are likewise recommended for use of those with allergies. The company explored all types of skin products and had made different formulations suited for each type of skin. So – the products are labeled as needed – for dry oily and sensitive skin. There is a very wide selection so any user can pick the product for her skin type.

Product Description

Bioderma has products that can be used for all skin types. The seven product lines are for sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, hair and scalp, babies’ skin, skin and sunlight and a line of lightening products. There are products for cleansing, which are no-rinse preparations. The anti-wrinkles items are Photoderm anti-age and the main component is a combination of anti-aging cream and sunblock.

The white objective range has been widely accepted by consumers. These white objective lines contain serum, cream and cleanser. They are skin lightening; which are recommended for age spots, sun spots and all other skin discoloration or pigmentation.  Two of the major anti-aging cosmetics are the White Objective Cleansing Solution and the White Objective Day Cream. The purpose of these two white objective products is blocking the synthesis of pigmentation. The company has patented the W.O. component of their anti-aging formula.

The white objective cleansing solution consists of water Peg-6 caprylic, polysorbate 20, lysine, azelate, adrographis paniculata leaf extract, hexapeptide 2, rhamnoes, mannitol, xylitol , glycol, and disodium. The white objective day cream on the other hand focuses on the vitamin C. This vitamin is crucial active ingredient. Vitamin C was part of the formulation because this blocks pigmentation and this same vitamin C is an antioxidant in skin care cosmetics.

The ingredients of photoderm anti-age cream are water, dicaprylyl carbonate, octocrylene and other chemicals.  The purpose for the inclusion of the chemicals in the preparation is unknown but since most of the products are prescription cosmetics, it is presumed that the product is more potent than what is ordinarily bought as over-the-counter.

Bioderma has already come up with different skin care products. The two most popular groups are the anti-aging and the white objective family. If your skin has not been responding to other products, maybe it is time to get hold of a bioderma .

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