Bath and Body Oil

Harsh and unforgiving weather conditions can really dry out your skin. Natural bath and body oils, are perfect for giving your body the boost it requires, as they provide moisture, healing and nourishment to the skin and have the ability to absorb through the superficial blood vessels and hair follicles. This topical application of the oils and essential oils can be very healing, they penetrate deep down into the dermis and tissues, where they work their way into the bloodstream and are transported to the bodies organs and systems. They are very stimulating and uplifting and especially beneficial to your health and can also boost the immune system helping to promote circulation, they are an excellent treatment for tired sore muscles.

Below are some natural recipes that are simple and easy to make at home, applying the oils into the bath water or to the skin straight after a bath, helps to lock in moisture allowing your skin to benefit from these oils and their beneficial vitamins and rich fatty acids for a lovely indulgent treatment.

Luxuriant Body Oil Recipe
6 tbs jojoba oil
3 tbs calendula oil
2 tbs macadamia oil
2 tsp carrot seed oil
4 drops of sandalwood essential oil
4 drops of neroli
4 drops of geranium
2 drops of chamomile

Heavy-duty body oil
Formulated with Shea butter for extra moisture and the added beeswax helps to seal in the nourishing soybean and Shea butter properties

5 tbs of soy bean oil
1 tbs natural beeswax
2 tbs Shea butter
1tsp of vitamin e oil
50 drops of your chosen essential oil

Cleopatra’s Honey Milk and bath oil
Warm baths with the oils in can be very moisturizing and help to soften skin

5 tbs of milk
3 tbs of coconut oil
3 tbs of almond oil
1tsp of honey
5 drops of lavender
2drops of chamomile
2 drops of geranium
Slightly warm the milk and blend the oils and honey together until all the ingredients have dissolved, then add the essential oils to the ingredients, you should avoid adding essential oils directly to the bath water, as these will attract the essential oils directly to the skin , and this can be quite irritating, so ensure they are blended well.

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