What Organics Can Mean To You

Miessence and ONE Group make great products that really work wonders with you skin, hair and body. But ONE Group goes further by using certified organic products that are friendly to the environment. We have an ever expanding range of 70 plus products that use organic ingredients that are internationally certified to organic food standard – that’s right you can eat them!

So if you use organic products, why stop there?

By finding this web site you have shown yourself to be passionate about organics and organic products. Why not spread the word and have people buy organic products from you?

By becoming a ONE Group representative you have the opportunity to build your own organisation of distributors who can help pass on your passion for organics and certified organic products. With MiEssence, MiVitality and MiEnviron products you have the purist skin care, hair care and cosmetic range on the planet. Using ONE Group’s unique Multi Channel Enterprise you can:

  • Build an International organisation using your very own e-commerce website

  • Ability to distribute to retail stores in your local area

  • Provide Certified Organic products to the Health & Beauty industry

  • Create an on-going Fund Raising income for non-profit organisations

  • Distribute the world’s first Certified Organic skin care range

If you want to know more please look through the rest of this site and that of our sister sites: one for Products and the other for Business. You can request more information through the form at the bottom of this page, you can get in touch with us to talk your options through or you can watch a 5 minute presentation on our sister site here.

When you join with organic-sa you will become part of a team that will support and nurture you to create a residual income in a method that suits you. We have experience in network marketing and the knowledge to bring you tools that will help motivate, educate and active.

Need more information? Then consider this:

The organic industry has undergone a massive growth rate over the last ten years. sales of organic products grew from $1.5 billion in 1998 to $9.4 billion in 2001. That’s $7.9 billion dollars of growth in only THREE years. As more and more people become conscious of the health of their families and their selves, this growth rate will continue to grow for many years to come.

The MiEssence range of products are totally unique. They are the world’s first CERTIFIED ORGANIC skin care products and they are the best. ONE Group’s unique cold press formulation was developed by Director Narelle Chenery. All ingredients of our product range are 100% beneficial for the skin and body. And buy using certified organic products our products are ensuring a sustainable farming process.

When you become an independent distributor for ONE Group you will have the support and experience of organic-sa’s team. We will stand with and support you be help you establish a business plan that will suit your current lifestyle. We are constantly developing tools that will help you with party plans, fundraising, approaching retail stores and marketing you business.

As soon as you commit to starting your own organic business you will be provided with your very own web site. This site is your primary tool – it contains information and ingredients on every product (check it out here) and comes with a highly secure shopping cart so your customers can order from you directly online. All profits are then stored in an online account that is set up for you by ONE Group. Your site has the address of:

You also get a site that helps you find people. It shows prospective business builder like yourself what the benefits of working with ONE Group are. Your MiEnterprize site gives a 5 minute presentation that outlines the organic industry and what you can stand to gain by getting involved and starting your own business. Your site will have the address:

You build your organisation in a way that suits you. You can build it part time or full time – what ever suits your present situation. By sharing your enthusiasm and passion for organics you will meet like minded souls who will help build your business. The Multi-Channel Enterprise rewards you on the effort that you put in. If you work at your business part time then you will get results… it just takes a little longer than going at it full time.