Common Types of Pecans to Choose From

The pecan has become one of the more versatile types of nuts in the world. It can be used in many recipes that call for nuts and can even be enjoyed on their own. One of the reasons why the pecan is so popular comes from how it can be used with several different kinds in mind. The types of pecans that people can use are great to see because they involve a number of unique points that are used to get these pecans to work well and to have some great flavors that can be used by anyone who wants to enjoy quality pecans.


The Desirable pecan is one that is often grown in the southern parts of the United States. This is a type of nut that does not take long to grow and is made to be very durable. These pecans may also be large and can come from large spots where the shells are bumpy and thick. These shells are made to protect the insides of the pecans to keep their flavors and other properties in them intact.


The Moreland pecan is also grown in the south but it is often best when it is grown in a secure spot that has enough shade and plenty of concentration for multiple pecans to grow in. These pecans are going to be smaller than Desirable pecans but they are relatively easy to harvest. Much of this comes from the Moreland pecan shells being much easier to break open than with other types of pecans. Anyone could open a Moreland shell even without the use of any instruments to help with opening things up.

Cape Fear

The Cape Fear pecan is grown in North Carolina. It uses an oval shape around its design and has a very thick shell that comes with it. The pecan is known for having a dense flavor and will be relatively easy to cut open after the shell is broken open. It does not take much effort to cut up this pecan to create a meal texture around an area. It should be comfortable and easy for anyone to consume.


The Stuart pecan is often sought after because it can take so long just to get these pecans to grown. These pecans in the southeastern United States tend to grow off of trees that take about ten years just to get pecans to grow. This will take much longer than what most other pecan trees can handle but the timing will be worth it when the flavors are considered. This can work with sturdy shells and flavors that are even around the entire body of the pecan. This makes for something that is easy to use for all sorts of recipes.

It will be smart to find different types of pecans that can work for all sorts of needs that one might have. Great pecans can work with different styles and varieties to create something that anyone can easily enjoy using without any problems coming from it.

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