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How do I order products?

To order our 100% Chemical free products please click on the acrobat image below for step by step instructions.

I just want to retail your products in my business shop. Do I have to become a representative?

No. Provided you are an active member of an accredited health and beauty organisation and you just want to sell our products to your clients, you do not need to become a representative. You can simply order our products at significant discounts and on sell them in your business. Please contact us for details.

I want to be a representative, how much does it cost me to get started?

It will cost you AU$50 or US$35 to join as a distributor. Then to get the most from this opportunity strongly recommend that start your business by ordering a "Fast Start Pack" which comprises of about AU$400 or about US$320 worth of products. You should also budget a further $20 to $100 for promotional material including business cards, flyers and news papers. So that’s approximately AU$500 or US$400 plus in total.

I intend to join as a rep but why should I place a "Fast Start" order?

In our experience if you intend to build a business with ONE Group joining with a Fast Start order (see above) is crucial. There are several reasons for this:

  • it gives you enough products to try and experience. This business will only work for you if the products are right for you.

  • it gives you enough products to show friends, family and other people who you meet who are curious about the products or opportunity

  • it immediately qualifies you for the second rank of the company (Senior Associate) which impacts on your income but also gives you the right to approach retail (only in some countries) and fundraising groups.

What are the ongoing costs?

If you want to remain as an "active rep" who is entitled to being paid bonuses etc, you must order at least "50 points" of products per month. This might equate to probiotic, shampoo, conditioner and a soap (about AU$80 or around US$65). Additional costs (and immediate income potential) will depend on what strategies you choose to build your business.

Do I have to be good at "sales"?

Skills as a communicator and educator are much more important than traditional sales skills. This business is much more about education and getting information out to the public than it is about sales. We avoid hype and are not about convincing people to buy our products or become representatives. Our training and culture encourages new reps to help empower people with information such as how to read product labels, how to source manufacturers safety data sheets and make informed decisions about the products they purchase. In this way we are allowing people to make their own journey, confident that if they choose tread lightly on the planet and use healthy and vibrant products that they will soon be knocking on our door.

Do I need experience?

You need passion and commitment but not experience. If you are interested in health and organics then these products will be for you. From there you can build a business that is authentic and reflects your interest. If you want to make this work Andrew, Lesley  and our team will work with you to identify, implement your goals and succeed.

Do I have to attend meetings?

You don’t need to attend meetings if you have to! It is strongly recommended though, that you keep in touch with your sponsor. You have a wide selection of ways to meet and discuss options with other ONE Group distributors. By asking questions you will dramatically  increase you knowledge and chances of success. As a Multi-Channel Enterprise we offer phone conferences, local home meetings and regular email newsletters.


How do I order products?

To order our 100% Chemical free products please click on the acrobat image below for step by step instructions.


Where can I see the full ingredient listings of your products and sample them?

Order and view our full range at our sister site or read the ingredients and testimonials by downloading our catalogue (a pdf file, approximately 120kb). If you are considering becoming a representative, the best way to sample our products is by ordering your Fast Start Order, contact Andrew and Lesley to discuss this.


Why are some of your products marked "Certified Organic" and others just "Organic"

The bulk of our seventy products have been certified organic to organic food industry standards. To be certified to this level they must have 95% certified organic ingredients and the final 5% must be natural with no synthetics.

Some of our products contain more than 5% of natural minerals such as natural ochres (in the lip cremes) or sodium bicarbonate (in the toothpaste and deodorants). We are working to organic industry food standards because there are no cosmetic or skin care standards that are stringent enough. Natural occurring minerals, while not synthetic are not "agriculture ingredients" and therefore cannot be certified organic. So these products will specify that they are 80% certified organic ingredients for example.

The only exception to this is with our shampoo and body wash. With these two products (out of seventy) the "foaming agent" is not certified organic and it makes up about 27% of the product. The "foaming agent" we use is "polyglucose". Coco polyglucose is a "non-ionic surfactant" (foaming agent) synthesised from coconut and glucose from corn.

Polyglucose has excellent dermatological compatibility. It is very mild on the skin. Based on the During Chamber Test it has the lowest irritation score of all common surfactants tested. It is free from ethylene oxide, which can cause nitrosamine contamination, and free from preservatives.

  1. It also has a very low environmental impact due to:

  2. High bio-degradability – It breaks down readily.

  3. High eco-toxicological compatibility – It doesn’t harm the environment if released

It is manufactured from completely renewable vegetable raw materials. It is very good, however it is still not certified organic. We will do better. We are working on replacing it with a certified organic "foaming agent" of similar functionality, but it takes time. Rest assured that as soon as we have a certified organic replacement that works, we will introduce it.


What are the properties of the proprietary herbal extract blend in your products?

We use a unique blend of aqueous extracts obtained from native Australian certified organic flora as a base for all of our products. It’s properties are soothing, healing, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, immuno-stimulant. It is entirely safe, non-toxic and non-irritant.

I’m a vegan. Do you have to use beeswax?

We use certified organic beeswax in our lip balm and moisturisers. Whilst there are vegetable waxes that could quite adequately do the job – none are available in certified organic form. So, unfortunately, we cannot do without it with our present requirements of being certified organic.

Some people claim that all honey/beeswax production is cruel. Yes, conventional beekeeping IS cruel. There is a vast difference between conventional "mass-production" beekeeping and organic beekeeping.

  • Conventional beekeeping involves:

  • artificial feeding regimes

  • feeding of artificial pollen substitutes and white sugar syrup

  • drug and pesticide treatment

  • genetic manipulation

  • artificial insemination

  • transportation (by air, rail and road) resulting in stress, suffocation, overheating or freezing of the bees

  • wing clipping and use of artificial pheromones to prevent queen bee from flying off

  • synthetic pesticides and antibiotics to combat pests

I spoke to our apiarist and he was quite upset that his loving and natural method of bee-keeping could in any way be regarded as cruel. His version of bee-keeping:
"Our bees gather honey form nearby organic eucalyptus forests. As honey is the bees food, we only take surplus honey. We leave as much as we can to keep our bees happy and healthy. The wax is the protective cap of the hives, which keeps the honey nice and fresh. When we harvest, we take the wax cap off the hive, pull out the comb, and drain off the excess. The bees are not hurt in any way. The comb is the put back in the hive."
As you can see, there is no cruelty or artificial manipulation involved. Organic agriculture is a better way of doing things, and we wish to support those farmers who are doing the right thing for our planet.