Finding Quality Eyebrow Waxing Kits

Looking for a way to do eyebrow wax at home? Here we will take a look at some of the kits which will make this possibility a reality without spending a fortune, and few tips to help you get the best possible results.

The Cheapest All Inclusive Kits

Affordable eyebrow waxing kits for men and women include the popular Satin Smooth, brand that’s not just for home use, but also professionals who work with clients every day. Their starter kits are affordable even if you want to get the top of the line with a double wax warmer so you can wax your friends. Need some guidance, Satin Smooth offers a DVD tutorial and all the supplies to get you on your way to silky smooth hair free skin all over your body, not just your brows.

Shaping and Tinting The Brow

Another important part of waxing is getting the basic brow shape right before you remove the hair, so you might like to pick up a Form-A-Brow Kit by Senna, or just the stencil kit by Colorescience that costs just $10. Having a professional shaped stencil to work from is one of the best ways to get started. Later, once you get the feel for shape and how waxing works, you can do the job freehand.

A few eyebrow waxing tips

Remember that there are several kinds of wax in the kits. The kind that you can warm in the microwave but will not require strips, the kind that you can melt in a wax warmer and will require muslin strips that you pull off. There are other cold wax kits and strips with wax already on them and all sorts of combinations, but I don’t recommend any of them. Wax should be warm, applied to the skin, a muslin pressed into the hair in the direction that it grows and then the strips should be pulled off. This is the most effective means of eyebrow hair removal that really works and lasts a long time….and what’s more, your brow region stays soft and smooth a lot longer than when you tweeze. And don’t even dream of shaving there. Just remember to cleans before, remove all wax residue afterward and cool with a soothing gel. You can use something like the Gigi Slow Grow between waxings to retard hair growth. And to give your brows the color needed, forget eyebrow pencils and gels, and use permanent (or semi-permanent) tinting kits by Godfroy. Get darker or lighter eyebrows in just a few minutes…and you can do all at home. Shape, wax and tint your own brows and save yourself the costs of going to a salon.

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