Fruit Juice Recipes – Nutrition by Color

Drinking fruit juice recipes is a great way to increase the amount of nutrition that we absorb from fruits, especially antioxidants. A juice extractor breaks down the tough fibers of fruits extensively to release an abundance of antioxidants for us to digest. When we chew whole fruits, we only release a small percentage of these antioxidants in comparison. Essentially, when we make fresh fruit juice recipes we sacrifice fiber to achieve an increased amount of most other nutrients.

It is also interesting to know that the different colors of fruits indicates what kind of antioxidants they contain. These antioxidants are the plant pigments that create this variety of color. This is why it is good idea to eat/drink as many colors as possible to provide our selves with a variety of different antioxidants and their unique benefits. So lets take a look at the different colors, what antioxidants create them and the benefits they can provide.

Blue/Purple Fruits.
blueberries, blackberries, acai berries and some varieties of plums are a great source of antioxidants called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins create different shades of blue through to very dark purple depending on their concentrations and their PH levels. Anthocyanins help keep our arteries strong and elasticized to ward off heart disease, high blood pressure and they also to help protect us against cancer.

Red Fruits
It is antioxidant called lycopene that puts the red in fruits. Lycopene has been one of the more well-studied of antioxidants and shown as very effective at reducing our risk of cancer and especially at reducing the risk of prostate cancer in men. For some reason, lycopene congregates in and around the prostate gland to protect it from oxidative damage that can result in cancerous growths.

Yellow Fruits
An antioxidant called hydroxy carotenoid that creates the yellow in lemons and yellow plums. While there is very little data about the effects of this antioxidant, hydroxy carotenoid does help to protect us from cancer and heart disease as all antioxidants do.

Orange Fruits
Oranges, honeydew melons and other orange tinted fruits contain the potent antioxidant called beta-carotene. Research has shown that beta-carotene is particularly potent at protecting us from heart disease and related disorders. One study found that elderly people who consume at least one portion of beta-carotene rich foods each day are half as likely to suffer a heart attack as those who eat less than one portion a day!

For some great recipes that incorporates all these wonderful different colors visit fresh juice recipes.

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