Why Green Smoothies Are Right For You

There is something very simple and healthy about dropping a bunch of greens like spinach and kale into your blender in the morning, a few good pieces of fruit and letting the thing whirl. A green smoothie fresh from the blender is full of nutrition and a great way to start the day.First up lets tackle the nutrition. The health benefits of leafy greens and other vegetables is hard to deny. Quality plant protein, tons of fiber, and lots of vitamins such as vitamin K, vitamin A, iron and folate all come from most leafy green vegetables.Add to that the vitamin C, more fiber, and manganese of pineapple (one of my favorite fruits to flavor the drink and mask the greens) and you’ve got a potent health bomb in a glass. Use healthy fruits like pineapple, kiwi, and oranges to make the drink easy to drink instead of something you have to choke down.Blending up a green smoothie is a wonderful way to get your day going. It’s possible to custom make it to whatever dietary needs you have, including low-carb, low-sugar, low-salt, or anything else. Remember, morning is the most important time to stick with your diet cause if you make a healthy choice first thing in the morning, you’re likely to keep making healthy choices throughout the day.It’s no problem to get up and get a green smoothie going in your blender right away in the morning. Getting the fruit ready doesn’t take much time – in fact, if you have a powerful blender you don’t need to cut it up much at all. These is no need to cook anything either, so it really is the fastest and healthiest way to get your morning started.

If you’re going to make green smoothies a common part of your diet, it will be paramount to have a strong, high-quality blender. Having a great blender will not only creat great smoothies by making sure everything is mixed better, it will also speed up the time it take to make them.

No one likes a lumpy smoothie, and having a stronger blender will mix everything up much better. This is extra important if you’re using extra ingredients like pea-protein or hemp fiber.

With a powerful blender it’s also faster to make your smoothie in the morning. You won’t have to break your food down into such small pieces – just cut them in half and toss into the blender. You can even through citrus peels – full of oils containing vitamins and minerals, and the pith adds a huge amount of fiber – into the blender. Just cut the citrus fruit in half and toss it in.

Now that you know about green smoothies, you’ll want the best blender for the money. And with popular models topping $400+ getting a powerful blender at a much better price is necessary. Happy blending!

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