Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight, But Also Takes Care Of Your Skin

There are many herbs out there that can do miracles for ones health, and green tea is amongst them. Usually these are so called superfoods, as they are able to fight all kinds of diseases and at the same time do magic for your weight and your overall health. As these products are being noticed, they are also being sold a lot more, and because of that way they have to increase the production volume – keep in mind that if a product isn’t organic, it can contain pesticides and also less of the effective ingredients, making it less potent, and possibly even harmful.

For years already they have used green tea for weight loss, but also to help with skin aging, as it has been shown to make your skin firmer. What you should realize is that it can’t do everything on its own, but when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle you can improve your results.

Green tea contains flavonoid phytochemicals that have been shown to be behind it’s magic. No other tea contains as much as EGCG even though they all derive from the same plant leaves. The difference is in the manufacturing process, as green tea is dried and other teas are fermented – which has been shown to reap havoc on Epigallocatechin-gallate.

Since green tea is such a powerful antioxidant, it has been shown it studies to reduce the risk of skin cancer. It reduces the risk of free radicals attacking your skin cell DNA, and thus makes it less likely for you to develop malignant carsinomas.

When used topically, green tea can give great help in preventing aging and reducing the amount of wrinkles and sagging. There have been studies showing that the amount of elastic tissue has increased with regular topical green tea use.

These studies aren’t yet definitive, and it remains to be seen whether science can ever seamlessly prove the effects that most people using topical green tea have seen. If you want to incorporate green tea in your skin care plan, it is suggested that you do so by taking advantage from the sun protective effect. Since it is a strong antioxidant, it can help prevent the oxidizing processes that happen in your skin when you are exposed to sunlight.

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