3 Second Hand Gym Equipment You Should Buy

Trying to buy fitness equipment can be pretty expensive if you plan on buying them brand new.  The best tip to save money is to find these items refurbished, reconditioned, or slightly used.  Saving money is one of the main advantages of buying second hand gym equipment, but another benefit of buying used fitness equipment is the fact that it allows you to get more equipment for your home fitness gym.  There are a few items that I highly recommend you purchase used because the quality doesn’t really matter.  Here are some items to consider buying used:

  1. Dumbbells – Dumbbells are the perfect second hand gym equipment to consider buying because it is really just a piece of metal.  Buying this used doesn’t mean you are sacrificing quality; in fact, most times you can’t even tell that the dumbbell was used.  Avoid buying one that might have rust on them if you would like, but you can even clean the rust off or get them reconditioned.  The typical cost of dumbbells if you’re going to buy them brand new is usually $1 per pound.  So if you were to get a set of 50lb dumbbells, you would spend already $100 just for that set!
  2. Olympic Weight Bench & Free Weights – Weight benches is a great way to build mass and increase muscle strength.  These items can literally cost you up to $1000 brand new and that’s not including the free weight that you’re going to have to buy.  Take a good examination at the bench and make sure there are no cracks in the padding.
  3. Jump Rope – Jump ropes are so underrated and everyone should have this cheap gym equipment around the house.  Not only is it good for cardio, but it’s also great to warm up the body before your workout.

There’s so many other second hand gym equipment that you can buy for your home gym that you can get at a bargain.  Look online in auctions and classified ads to see what items sellers are willing to give up for, you might be able to negotiate with them for a lower price.  It’s also good to see the item in person before buying if you can, but sometimes a deal is so good to pass up.  It’s also good that you ask as many questions as possible if you plan on buying higher priced items like a treadmill, elliptical, etc.

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