Hair Loss Treatment Options

There are different types of hair loss in men, some of which are more prevalent compared to others. The amount of hair loss differs from person to person, depending largely on individual genetic makeup. The average male loses between 75 and 100 strands of hair every day, though new hair is typically produced to replace the hair lost. The trouble begins when new growth production lags behind the amount of hair lost.[widget:ad_unit-522075061]

Regardless of the type, hair loss in men can affect confidence and the self-image. Fortunately for men today, shaved heads have become quite popular and balding men now find themselves in good company with young and old who appreciate the bold look of a shaved head. Still, there are options for those who do not want to sport a shaved head. Lucky for those, the market is flooded with products aimed at hair loss treatment for men.

There are plenty of supplements, shampoos and creams that purportedly slow down hair loss. Most supplements and other over-the-counter treatments work by slowing down the rate of hair loss but do not help promote new growth. It is important to carefully review each product, as many do not have concrete proof of their effectiveness.

Hair transplant is highly effective as a hair loss treatment but this is a surgical procedure. Many men prefer more practical and less painful way to treat their hair loss problems – especially if they have one of the many health plans that do not cover this type of procedure. Wigs are a non-surgical and quick way to covers hair loss. The downside to wigs is that they can be difficult to get used to, can be expensive and require frequent maintenance.

Which treatment you select will depend on many factors and cost and comfort typically play a large role in the decision. It is most important to review the benefits and risks associated with each option and make an informed decision based on your personal preferences.

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