Using Rogaine To Treat Your Hair Loss

Rogaine has been around for a long time. It used to be difficult to get in, but now you can purchase it at your local drugstore. Its purpose is to help you grow back your hair. The trick is you have to start using it as soon as you notice when you losing your hair.

Rogaine is a topical treatment that is used to grow back hair that is thinning. It does this by stimulating the scalp and/or follicle to grow. It can take up to a year for there to be any effects. In some cases it may be too late for you to use Rogaine.  If you are a man or a woman there are different products for each of you.  Each of them is formulated to work depending on your gender.

There are some side effects that are mild that can occur. They are itching, flaking or burning or dryness of the scalp. There are also some severe side effects that if they occur you have to call your doctor immediately. They are chest pain, feeling lightheaded, trouble with breathing, swelling of the stomach, ankles, face or hands. These are severe symptoms and must be handled immediately by your doctor.  Rogaine has been a trusted treatment for hair loss for many years.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about it and you know it to yourself to find out all there is to know about it before you start using it. The chemicals contained in it may be detrimental to your health. There may be another solution that is more natural that may suit you better. See if there are any before and after pictures or success stories that you can take a look at and see for yourself.

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