Using Apple Cider Vinegar For Hair Problems

Using apple cider vinegar for hair problems is not a new concept, even if it sounds strange to those who are only hearing of it for the first time. Apple cider vinegar is naturally fermented twice from apples, and the extensive process has brought out the nutrients found in apples and added special antiseptic properties to the liquid. Most apple cider vinegars have an acidity of 4% to 5%, and by simply diluting yours with water, you will have an all natural, safe, cheap yet effective solution for hair problems.

You may have heard the necessity of using clarifying shampoos every several days to properly remove grease and the buildup of hair products from your hair strands, but rather than buying another expensive shampoo, use apple cider vinegar mixed with water; half a cup of vinegar to a liter of water is perfect for most uses. This will soften the liquid’s acidity yet keep it still potent enough to clean and fight off bacteria. The natural apple cider vinegar health benefits will strip your hair strands free from oil and product buildup, making it the perfect cleansing step you can do once a week before reaching for your hot oil or deep conditioning treatment.

Larger additions of apple cider vinegar, such as ¾ cup to a liter of water will help get rid of head lice. Lice can’t live in an acidic environment, so use diluted apple cider vinegar and massage the solution into your scalp and strands, and then leave your hair and scalp alone for ten to fifteen minutes before thoroughly rinsing. You may need to do this more than once every two days to effectively remove all signs of head lice for good.

Apple cider vinegar can also fight off dandruff-causing bacteria in your scalp. You won’t need as much vinegar and water solution to massage your scalp, so use about a cup of water with two to three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. After massaging the scalp for several minutes, rinse well with clean water. You can leave off shampooing and conditioning after this to give the scalp the full effects of the vinegar’s antibacterial properties, and the tart smell will also naturally disappear once your hair dries.

Apple cider vinegar isn’t just one of the best home remedies for heartburn, for you can enjoy using it to get a clean, shiny, healthy scalp and hair too. Get a jug of organic apple cider vinegar as soon as you can, and enjoy using this cheap and healthy product for its many health and beauty benefits.

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