How to repair your hair if you are Suffering from dryness, breakage or hair loss.

organic-hairlMy healthy hair is one of my body’s most beautiful assets but dryness, breakage and hair loss can easily ruin it.  Here in Australia it is almost summer and I want to look my best and while the right clothes, accessories and make-up give me a boost, bad hair will flatten it all.  So before I go out and spend money on a new haircut & style, I like to spend some time on making sure that my hair is completely healthy and well prepared for whatever the changing weather may throw at it.

Causes of dry hair & breakage

Shampooing hair very often can deplete the natural oils in the hair and it makes it dry and weak.  The hairdryer although great if you are in a hurry but I found that each time I blow dried my hair on a regular basis, my hair was getting dryer and more brittle, that goes the same for any heated hair appliance, so if you dont need to blow dry your hair then let it dry naturally or towel dry it as best you can.  If you go swimming a lot, often the chlorine used in pool water I’ve found can play havoc with your hair leaving it dry and frizzy.

Very high or very low pH levels can cause severe damage to hair over time as can harmful chemicals, so a balanced pH level in your hair care routine is very important and can eliminate many of the hair problems that people suffer with.  Our hair’s natural pH level is 4.5-5.5pH, but how can you balance this naturally?  Use products that are pH balanced (4-7pH is good) and all natural.  Shampoo will usually have a higher pH than conditioner,  Desert Flower Shampoo by Miessence, its ideal for all the family even very tiny members 🙂 When I first started using this shampoo my hair felt dryer than usual but that was due to the fact that I had so many chemicals on my hair that it had to go through a ‘detoxing’ period.  Once all the harsh chemicals had been removed, the condition of my hair improved dramatically and now my hair feels amazing.  Conditioning is a very important process for the hair as it seals the cuticles, Shine herbal Hair Conditioner by Miessence can be used by all the family on a daily basis or can be used as a leave-in intensive conditioning treatment.  After shampooing & conditioning your hair, rinse it well with cool water, that closes the hair cuticles leaving your hair smoother and more manageable.

Its not only good products that will keep your hair healthy, keeping your body healthy will play a very big role also.  Drinking plenty of Alkaline water a day is one good way, 8-10 cups and adding greens to your diet – Deep Green Alkalising Superfood by Miessence is a good source that can be taken daily to keep your bodies pH balance level.  And last but not least, exercise!

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