Healing With Castor Oil

Going natural has always been preferable than going with artificial ones. This is very true, whether it is about food or medication. And I believe that it is a particularly choice, and besides, people who are in the know would not have made that choice if there was nothing about it. There must be a reason, and it is definitely not just a single one, which would not be sufficient in explaining the whole situation, even if it s actually a good one. It just seems that the body reacts much, much better to natural products that is does to artificial ones. There is also some risk involved with non natural products as it might contain some substances that could actually be harmful to the body in one way or another. And somehow, these days’ people are so into things that are organic and natural, you could almost say that it is a revival of the past. Yes, a revival of the time when there were not too much artificial products to be used. And of course, whether it is just a trend or not, it is definitely a good thing.

One of those good things is castor oil. It is a natural product that has many uses, and all of those provide very positive effects for people. It has been known for its medicinal use as far back as the days of ancient Egypt, which stretches back several thousand years. Back then, and for centuries thereafter, castor oil was used a kind of laxative, until this use was discontinued because of possible ill effects on the health. Today it is exclusively used for external medicinal purposes only. It has many uses, and favorably affects internal organs when applied on the skin. The following are some of the ailments that castor oil has been known to help alleviate; liver conditions, headaches, some nervous system ailments, arthritis, and many other diseases and conditions.

Of all the medical conditions and ailments that castor oil have been known to cure however, it is most closely associated with arthritis. Castor oil arthritis cures have been pretty well known for a long time, and it is favorably used for the condition for a reason. It somehow lessens the pain and discomfort brought about by arthritis by placing cloth has been treated with castor oil on the affected part. Plastic and then a bottle pf hot water for heating purpose are placed over it. Castor oil for arthritis has been proven to be quite effective and will definitely be used for years to come.

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