Make The Good Switch To Fresh Juices And Smoothies

Blenders and juicers are all the rage nowadays, mostly because more and more people have picked up on the habit of juicing. As in, literally, making fresh blend of juices.

Those who have made the conversion to juicing have confessed that they have gotten so hooked to it, they simply cannot last a day without at least a glass of it. This “addiction”, so to speak, can be attributed to the many health benefits that one can derive from the natural fruit and vegetable juices. But what is it exactly, and what are these health benefits that they rave about?

Juicing Up

Juicing is actually fairly simple. Using fresh fruits or vegetables, you just throw them into the blender or juicer, and from there, watch as the magic happens. Depending on the recipe you choose, there can be more than just a couple of varities of fruits and vegetables for your drink.

Of course, if you are just about to get into it, it would be advisable for you to first check out recommended recipes, so that you can get a good flavor. Some people opt to take pure wheat grass, for example, but that’s not entirely palatable, and it does take some time to get used to the taste. Others prefer to go for smoothies, blending fruits like bananas, apple, and oranges, depending on what kind of refreshing boost they would like to have for the day.

Health Benefits

Because you will be getting it fresh from the store, be it at the farmer’s market or at the grocery, you are guaranteed that your drink will not have any of those harmful additives or preservatives. It’s as natural as it can get, and the best part is, you get to have control over its production.

Keeping Hydrated

Because you are drinking all-organic items, you are better able to hydrate yourself. This is something that you cannot necessarily derive from drinking coffee, even more from soda. Corollary to this, when you keep yourself hydrated, you also get better skin, getting that natural glow, from inside-out.

Antioxidants, Energy-Boosters, Vitamins and Minerals

Again, because your ingredients are natural, you benefit more by getting more of those much-needed nutrients that help you boost your immune system, making you better able to ward off those nasty viruses and bacteria. Because juices and smoothies are not packed with sugar, you also get a nice pick-me-upper from even just a glass, getting rid of that groggy feeling. Lest we forget, there’s also the fiber component in it, allowing you to cleanse and detoxify better.

Should you be curious enough to try it out, it would also be advisable that you first consult with your doctor just to make sure that you won’t be allergic to any of the raw ingredients you intend to use.

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