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The medical community has been treating migraines for years, although little is still known about the causes. Additionally, medication available for treatment is extensive to say the least. Many times, these medications are effective for unknown reasons. Research has been ongoing for decades, but migraines largely remain a medical phenomenon. Recently, the most promising treatments have been in alternative therapies. These are safer for patients in many cases, and though many lack scientific evidence, patients are heralding the results of many alternative therapies as miraculous. The medical community does understand the frustration many patients feel with existing treatment methods, and research is being conducted on these new forms of treatment.

Medically, there are hundreds of medications that can be prescribed to treat migraines (for prevention, elimination, and pain relief of migraines). Though few are designed specifically for migraines, many other medications seem to have positive effects, including beta-blockers, antidepressants, and anti-psychotic drugs. Doctors can not really explain why these work.

There are many home remedies for migraines that many feel more comfortable with as opposed to new medications. Since stress is known to be a headache trigger, many seek out stress management techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation or visualized breathing. While it may not help during a migraine, taking time out from the day to relieve stress may help reduce attacks.

Many find it helpful to keep track of their migraines through a headache diary. This keeps track of any relevant information prior to and during an attack- from possible triggers to helpful techniques. Of course, following a healthy diet and avoiding unhealthy habits (such as smoking, drinking, and poor posture) will not only help to reduce migraine frequency, but also improve overall health.

What has shown the most promise lately is the use of dietary supplements and herbal therapies. Some believe that vitamin deficiencies in the body may be to blame for migraines, which may be resolved with proper supplements. Of course, herbal treatments for health problems have been around for centuries. While science has only recently shown an interest, many claim that these herbs can completely eliminate symptoms. Before making any major changes to your treatment plan, be sure to discuss it with your physician. Even if you choose a natural route, he or she will be able to provide some guidelines.

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