An Organic Business Opportunity Tailored For You

The business model behind Miessence and ONE Group is as unique and remarkable as the certified organic range of products. Becoming an independent representative offers you choice: The choice to build a business that is a reflection of your interests, your passions and your goals. And to help you achieve your goals we have a strong, supportive team offering you extensive training, knowledge and experience.


At the core of our company and products lies our commitment to the environment and health. Our certified organic products are not only a guarantee of purity, it is a commitment to sustainable agricultural practice and building a future for our children. This passion is reflected by the way we do business. Our business model incorporates the best of network marketing (or MLM) and takes it to another level.

If you are serious about changing your lifestyle, a Multi Channel Enterprise is a refreshing and unique way to build your wealth. Gone are the days of “start with 100 friends; end up with 99 ex-friends and one representative”. With our training, support and experience we work with you to design a business plan that avoids this by not trying to convince people. We help you find ways to get these certified organic products, and the organic business opportunity, out to people WHO ARE LOOKING FOR THEM.

We see our job as helping you become an educator and enthusiastic supporter of the organic movement. By educating people in organics you are creating your own market. Rather than being a “sales person”, you are simply getting information out to people and helping the growing numbers of those who are interested in getting healthy and using eco friendly products of the highest quality.

Your business is just that… a business. By building and growing your own Multi-Channel Enterprise you will build a passive, residual income that can support you, your family and your health. It really is dependent on how much you want to put into it.


When you join you will have the support of Andrew, Lesley and our team in designing and implementing a business plan that suits you. In establishing your business plan we will consider many factors including:

  • your time: commit from 5 hours per week to a full time working week
  • your financial budget: spend as little as $80 per month
  • your situation: your networks, skills and existing commitments
  • your goals: what do you want to get from this opportunity? Where do you want to be?


Once we have your business plan we will work with you to establish strategies to help build your business. We recommend that you focus on a MAXIMUM OF THREE of the following options. We will help you choose the options that suit you, your lifestyle are and what you are most likely to sustain over time.

You can purchase ONE Group’s Organic & Natural Living newspapers at a special distributor’s price. These informative papers explain the benefits of the products, but beyond that they discuss issues such as: “how to become an ingredient detective”, “the impact of synthetic chemicals on our environment”, “breast cancer and toxins” etc.. These papers are both educational and empowering.
Normal direct marketing generates a response of less than 0.2% if it is not specific. The response rate goes up substantially if targeted correctly, anything up to a 12% return has been achieved.

This is how it works: You strategically place 100 newspapers monthly in locations where people who relate to wellbeing frequent. Locations that promote health are a good start, gyms, health professional waiting rooms, places where mothers with young children visit etc.. You should ask permission of the Manager/Owner before leaving the publication anywhere. Always ask how many clients visit the location over a month. That will give you a guide as to how many papers to leave. Any calls you receive will be from people wanting more information, so your conversion rate will be very high. Using this method, you are not selling they are buying!

This can generate a significant, instant cash flow on the night and will most likely provide you with both regular customers and possible new Representatives. We have created a unique product ? Ambrosia Essence an exclusive host gift. Guests can receive up to 20% discount on their orders which will be delivered free if the order exceeds $100.

A unique opportunity exists where schools, sporting and social clubs, church groups and the like can have their very own fundraising website. As patrons and members order products from the personalised fund-raising site, ALL sponsor profits are deposited directly in to an account for the non-profit organisation. And the best part is: this continues forever and ever!!

(available in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand). Work with traditional retailers to fill growing off the shelf demand for our products. We can provide coaching and training to approach retailers in a professional and supportive manner.

Health and beauty professionals receive generous discounts from our range. Many simply order as customers, then on sell the products in their business. Others do this but also become representatives, building a business that can develop a passive income in the future.

We can help you organise public talks in your city, in your suburb or in your home. Historically, 20% of people who attend become Representatives and a further 30% of attendees become Preferred Customers. For this strategy to be successful you need to have people attend the meeting and you need to follow up those who participated.
It is usual to have an attendance of 2-3% of the number of invitations you put out. That is, if you distribute 1,000 invitations, you can expect between 20 ? 30 people to attend. Knowing this allows you to determine how big or small you want your presentation to be.

Large or expensive ads are not necessarily better ? experience shows that the best results are achieved from ads of $15 – $150. Using key words and phrases such as ?organic? ?worlds first? ?new to . . .? ?Unique network marketing model” have the best results. You can also download a range of posters and leaflets to print, photocopy and distribute in your area.

These are a great opportunity to talk to a wide range of people. We recommend not to aim on getting too many contacts, but rather focus on finding out who is really interested by asking the right questions. “Do organic products appeal to you?” “Do you buy organics already?” “Are you interested in a home-based business?”

9. THE WEB ?
Build your business on line, through email, chatting and online advertising. You will be given your own website as soon as you join as a Representative. This site is your highly secure online shopping cart. By directing people to this site you customers can literally be anyware around the world!

Be professional. This requires being organised, so writing a list of people who might be interested in the products and/or the business opportunity. When someone is not interested, DO NOT try to convince them; instead ask if they know someone who might be. These referrals can be the most rewarding!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by… contact us to discuss starting your own organic business.