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Miessence organic products represents just a part of our expanding organic range which also incorporates MiVitality (organic health products) and MiEnviron (organic household products). View an overview of the flexible, ethical & home organic business opportunity associated with our range or visit our sister site to see detailed ingredients and order online. For more detailed information you can also download our 2006 Product Catalouge.

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Miessence Organic Skin Care

Miessence products are designed around 4 different skin profiles. You may find you?ll want to mix-and-match different products from different profiles to perfectly suit your skin, which is fine! By browsing through the profiles below you can ascertain which one you feel is most compatible with your skin right now.

Normal/Combination Profile

? even skin tone
? fine to average pore size
? some enlarged pores
? some T-zone oiliness
? occasional breakouts
? some blackheads

Dry/Mature Profile

? loss of elasticity
? varying pore size
? some dry patches
? no sheen/dull complexion
? can feel tight and dry
? may have surface capillaries

Oily/Problem Profile

? oily sheen
? breakouts/blemishes
? congestion/clogging
? open pores
? blackheads
? redness

Sensitive Profile

? may have surface capillaries
? can feel irritated, itchy and hot
? can appear blotchy
? may have flaky patches
? allergic reactions common
? flushed and red easily