Take Care of Your Skin When Shaving

Shaving is an activity that we all men share. Most of us do it every day, yet we have to recognize that this doesn’t necessarily mean that we are experts on the subject.  As a matter of fact we learn how to shave often from experimenting or by following the advice of our dad or even a friend.  No wonder why so many men end up with skin problems!

When we shave we are actually damaging our skin to some degree and the more we pass the razor, the worse the situation gets.   Thus, it is important to learn how to shave better and minimize the chances of nicks, cuts and irritation.  Here are some tips to keep in mind…

–    Use a good quality shaving cream or soap. If you are using an aerosol canned product, you are far from giving your skin the care it deserves.  These products are cheap and only help the razor glide.  A good cream will also do that and on top will provide protection against damage.  When choosing a shaving cream make sure it works on your skin type; for example people with delicate skin should seek a good option like The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream for sensitive skin or Neutrogena’s shave cream for sensitive skin.
–    Use a moisturizer when you finish shaving.  This is a step that is commonly overlooked by men.  We tend to think that moisturizers are for women but perhaps we need them more than them. When we shave we are taking away the natural moisture of our skin and we have to solve this problem.  To buy the best men’s facial moisturizer, look for products that also give you solar protection.  A SPF of 15 should be enough for daily use.
–    Avoid passing the razor more than 3 times over the same area.  I know that this is hard to change in men that are used to make several small passes, but you have to do it if you care about your skin. You r skin may endure more passes but in most cases 3 is enough.
–    Shave always with the grain.  Shaving against the grain will give you a very close shave but will also damage your skin.  Try to avoid it and if you can’t for whatever reason, just make sure you only make one pass against the grain at the end.

Keep these tips in mind next time you shave and your skin will be very happy!

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