Age Specific Skin Care Creams From Stages Of Beauty

The Stages of Beauty products are a relatively new product in the skin care industry, the way they approach skin care for women is also new in many ways. Rather than make a one size fits all product much like the other famous brand names have chosen to do they have instead opted to create products which target the needs of a women via age category related products.

To break this down a little bit more, here are the product lines, a little about their overall characteristics and of course which years of a woman’s life they target more specifically:

First of all, the whole Stages of Beauty range contain no synthetic coloring, they are free of petroleum products or phthalates, sulfates are also omitted as are potentially damaging genetically modified organisms. On top of this every product is also fragrance free and hypoallergenic. An impressive list so far already Im sure youll agree but if you are also worried about animal testing you can check this off your list also, there is no animal testing involved in the creation of the Stages of beauty products.

The lines start with products for women in their 20’s with the Radiance line, the main goal at this age is prevention of skin damage.

The same goal for the Harmony line which is designed for those women in their 30’s is to prevent excessive damage from free radicals. This is essential during these years as our body starts to lose the ability to produce collagen and elastin, 2 things which help keep our skin looking tight and plump.
Our 40’s and 50’s are taken care of by the Elegance and Grace lines respectively. During these decades our skin begins to thin out andalso the natural moisture barrier begins to deteriorate which leave our skin vulnerable to dehydrating.

It seems that after only a short period in the skin care industry this company has already got an army of happy followers despite the hefty price tag that goes with these products. Stages of Beauty reviews found on the internet from women in forums etc. almost always seem to be of a positive nature. Those that were not of a positive nature were mainly complaining of shipping and billing rather than any complaints with the actual skin care products themselves. A good sign that Stages of Beauty is here to stay and that its anti aging skin care creams are doing what they claim to.

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