How to Shave with a Straight Razor

The straight razor shave requires unique skill. It requires work and focus. Learning how to do it right is not for every man, but it can if you take the time to learn.

Looking at it from a woman’s point of view, it’s understandable why this process has such a unique following. The face is what is noticed first. Take a look at the following tips to master this art.

The Tools
1. Straight Razor
2. Shave cream
3. Shave Brush
4. Leather Strop

It’s essential that your skin is prepped for shaving. There is a whole lot of prep involved in the straight razor shaving process. Make sure to obtain the necessary tools. Grab a cup with hot water and soak your brush in it.

Next, open the pores of your face which will soften your facial hair. Do this by running a towel under hot water and place on your face until it cools down. Repeat as necessary.

After the towel is removed, apply shave cream in a circular motion until a thick layer is present.

You’ll want to strop your razor as the shave cream is on your face to ensure maximum sharpness of the blade. It is recommended the your do about 50 passes with light pressure for the greatest results.

Next, you’ll want to stretch the skin for the area your shaving so it’s tights at apply the razor at a 30 degree angle. Start with short strokes then move to longer ones. Three passes should give you the best results.

The first pass should go with the grain of your hair. For the seconds pass, apply more shave cream and go side ways along your face. The final pass is the most risky an should be done very carefully. Go against the grain, but watch out for the nose and ears.

After all three passes are  complete, rinse your face with cold water to close your pores.

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