Clean and Healthy Living is the Best Detox

We live in a world surrounded by synthetic compounds. Indeed there is a need to clean the body of the pollutants and toxins that build up in our systems from the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. Wherever you live, there is probably a wide range of harmful chemicals that you will be exposed to that will lead to various kinds of illnesses. The sources of indoor air pollution include the toxins inhaled or absorbed through the skin and the toxins from the bodies own metabolic by-product.

The body is in fact, detoxifying 24/7. It has natural physiological actions such as sweat or urine. However when the body is faced with detoxifying more toxic substances than it can handle or there is a lack of the nutrients needed to function properly the body can not deal with the contaminants that will lead to the development of the symptoms of various diseases.

Detoxifying is the lessening of toxins in the body. Through detox, the toxins that build up in the body break down, and then flush out of the system. It should not be extreme or severe. A natural detox diet often gives emphasis to nutritious foods that help us to easily take in the vitamins and minerals the body needs (fruit and vegetables are mainly focus). It is also vital that we are drinking ample amounts of water. Consumption of meat, dairy products, wheat, sugar, caffeine and alcohol are restricted or prohibited.

Detoxifying would mean maintaining a clean and healthy way of life. In order to attain the best detox, it is recommended to follow these suggestions:

  • Consume organic foods.
  • Cook your own food with fresh ingredients and processed foods to avoid harmful chemicals or, eat raw foods and have fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Easy steamed vegetables retain much of their nutrient content
  • Read all labels before buying. Avoid preservatives and artificial flavorings and colorings for the reason that they are not healthy for the body.
  • Chew food properly- saliva contains digestive enzymes.
  • Keep a moderation in everything you consume.
  • Drink an ample amount of water.
  • Exercise the body to stimulate circulation and remove dead cells from the surface of the skin.
  • Recognize the sources of toxicity, which can be everyday items such as deodorant which may contain chemicals. We may also be exposed to toxins in cleaning products and cosmetics. Replace all with natural ingredients that you can identify.
  • Slow down, rest and keep away from stress.
  • Try a simple meditation every day.
  • Make a clean environment.

In detoxifying, the goal is to develop long-term changes in lifestyle and get rid of the bad habits. Do not fall into the trap of “yo-yo” dieting wherein if you fall victim to binge eating, all of the weight you have lost comes back. This is not really the right solution. To make lasting changes and achieve the best detox, you need to change your way of life.

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